2013-2014 Reflections Winners

The National PTA Reflections Art Program encourages students to create works of art for fun and positive recognition. Since 1969, the Reflections Program has been bringing families, schools and communities together in support of student success through the arts.

The 2013-2014 theme was:  Believe, Dream, Inspire

2013-2014 New York State Reflections Winners:

Three students from Briarcliff won Awards of Merit at the New York State Reflections competition.   They are:

Rebecca Leon  (Senior/ Dance)

Jack McGranaghan ( Middle/ Music)

Lexa  Halpern ( Primary/Literature)

For list of all 126 New York state winners  click here

2013-2014 Westchester East Putnum Regional Reflections Winners

Sarah Adler (Senior/Photography)

Carolyn Calenda (Intermediate/Visual Arts)

Florence Chow (Senior/Photography)

Jackie Contento (Senior/Visual Arts)

Robert Contento (Senior/Visual Arts)

Lexa Halpern (Primary/Literature)

Diana Jones (Primary/Visual Arts)

Elliot Jones (Intermediate/Literature)

Robert Jones (Senior/Visual Arts)

Hayley Kutcher (Senior/Dance)

Alexandra Laguardia (Middle/Literature)

Rebecca Leon (Senior/Dance)

Joshua Linett (Intermediate/Literature)

Maggie Lynch (Middle/Literature)

Jack McGranaghan (Middle/Music)

Yasmin Paradian (Primary/Visual Arts)

Marielle Seigel (Intermediate/Visual Arts)

Benjamin Shi (Senior/Literature)

Brett Smoler (Middle/Visual Arts)

Emma Smoler (Middle/Visual Arts)

Click HERE for a link to all Westchester East Putnam Regional Winners

2013-2014 Briarcliff Schools’ Reflections Winners


Visual Arts


Yasmine Parandian –2nd Grade

Diana Jones – 2nd Grade

Harper McDermott –2nd Grade


Marielle Seigel – 3rd Grade

Carolyn Calender – 4th Grade

Middle School

Emma Smoler – 6th Grade

Brett Smoler – 7th Grade

High School

Jackie Contento -9th Grade

Robert Contento -11th Grade

Robert Jones – 12th Grade



Lexa Halpern – 2nd Grade


Elliot Jones – 4th Grade

Joshua Linett– 4th Grade

Middle School

Maggie Lynch – 6th Grade

Alexandra LaGuardia– 6th Grade

High School

Elizabeth Terilli ­- 9th Grade

Benjamin Shi – 9th Grade


High School

Hayley Kutcher ­- 9th Grade

Rebecca Leon – 9th Grade


Middle School

Jack McGranaghan – 8th Grade


Middle School

Joshua Jacobs – 6th Grade

High School

Sarah Adler ­- 11th Grade

Florence Chow – 12th Grade