Lice Information



Dear Parents,

Lice happens! While it is not a health issue ‘per se’ it is a tremendous inconvenience and has a huge “ick factor”. Parents with children who have lice can attest to the amount of work it is to de-louse their children and their home. We will need everyone’s cooperation if we are to limit this problem in our schools. Please check your children’s heads frequently for lice and nits, even if they are not scratching. You can click on the links below for detailed information on how to detect, treat and prevent lice. Also please make sure your children know not to share clothing and hair accessories (hats, combs, helmets, barrettes, bands, etc…), and not to lay on coats, blankets, and bedding that isn’t their own.

The following are informative websites from local companies who treat and remove lice and nits, as well as provide education on the detection, treatment and prevention of lice on their websites. While the PTA does not specifically endorse any of these companies, we can say that we are familiar with their work and in fact have hired the first one listed to do the screenings at Todd and the Middle School.




For those of you who are ‘app’ happy, there is also a free ‘facts of Lice’ app for your iphone that you can down load from a group called Fairy Tales.


Your Briarcliff PTA